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You will have the opportunity to attend two workshops over the course of the weekend. Below are the workshop topics and a brief description of what you can look forward to hearing. 

Seeking First the Kingdom at your First Duty Station

Zach Abrams, Seth Brown and Christian Rolph

Jesus has commanded us to make disciples of all nations, and there is an incredible opportunity to do this as an officer in the U.S. Army. But you will be more or less useful to Jesus' mission depending on decisions you make early on in your career. Where you post, where you live, and how you define success can cause you to spiritually thrive or crash and burn. Come hear how you can seek first Jesus' kingdom at your first duty station.

Insider Ministry

Justin Hartman and JR Ovens

Practical ways to be kingdom focused while at work, and share Jesus with your coworkers.

Tools for Evangelism

Sheldon Dillman, John Silvers and Wally Walenfelsz

Our aim is to provide a simple reusable tool that will help you share the good news of Jesus with those around you.


Nathan Brock and Roy Guerard

A description will be posted.

Discipleship: No Greater Love 

Melissa Johnson

This workshop is only open to females.

Come discuss what it looks like to lay down your life like Jesus did as you obey the Great Commission.

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